Carey: European races are “the foundation”

Despite the push for more grands prix in the United States, Formula 1 will not turn its back on traditional European races.
With the Miami race becoming more of a certainty this week, the United States could have two events on the F1 calendar from as soon as next season.
There had been talk about races in New York and Las Vegas, with Liberty Media also looking at a race in Vietnam, which would become the third race on the calendar in South East Asia.
With the futures of the German Grand Prix and Belgian Grand Prix up in the air, rumours have flown around suggesting that the traditional races will slowly be left out of the sport.
However, Formula 1 chairman, Chase Carey, has told Autosport that the possible influx of new races will not harm the European season: “It is not at the expense of the sport in Europe – which is the foundation of this sport, the home of this sport and this sport will always be built, as far as I am concerned, on its foundations.”
Carey does think that the sport can be pushed into other continents with new events though.
The American said: “This is a strong sport in Europe, but we believe there are opportunities to grow the sport in places like China and the US, the two biggest media economies in the world.”
The vote for the Miami race takes place on Thursday, with the City of Miami Commission voting on the proposal for a Grand Prix.