Chester downplays refuelling impact


Nick Chester has denied that a return to refuelling would shake up grand prix Sundays but says drivers would at least be able to push "a little bit" more.

Refuelling was banned in the wake of the 2009 F1 Championship because of safety and costs.

However, last month F1's Strategy Group voted in favour of bringing it back if it proves to be cost effective.

There have been mixed responses with some believing it could be the answer to all F1's problems. Chester, though, has downplayed the impact it would have.

The Lotus technical director said: "There has been a lot of talk to bring lap times down in 2017 and refuelling will do so by running less fuel in the first couple of stints during the race.

"It may not change the strategies that much as everyone will re-optimise for it.

"It may mean though that drivers can push a little bit harder on their tyres as they'd not carry as much fuel.

"The challenge would be to bring refuelling times down to the times we can do a tyre pit stop nowadays and that would prove quite difficult."