‘Closed cockpits needed at all levels’


As research into closed cockpits continues, the FIA Drivers' Commission has advised that any solution that is implemented be affordable for all single-seater categories.

The FIA has confirmed that it is exploring the possibility of using canopies in Formula 1 following the recent deaths of Marussia driver Jules Bianchi and former Formula 1 racer Justin Wilson.

However, there are contrasting opinions on whether or not to use closed cockpits in F1 with the likes of Jenson Button and Daniel Ricciardo in favour of it while Daniil Kvyat and Nico Hulkenberg are on the opposite end of the scale.

The FIA Drivers' Commission met in Paris recently to discuss the issue and wants uniformity across all levels.

"A central theme of today's safety discussion surrounds the concept of improving cockpit safety for single seater cars," a statement said.

"The Drivers' Commission is aware of the developments being made in this area, but stressed the importance of solutions that are developed for Formula One being simple and affordable enough to be implemented at all levels of single seater racing."