Cosworth considering Formula 1 return


Cosworth could return to Formula 1 in 2021 “if” the engine regulations change, says CEO Hal Reisiger.

Cosworth last competed in the sport in 2013 with Manor.

However, with Formula 1 debating new regulations that would be implemented in 2021, Cosworth could yet return.

“I think that we’ve got sufficient support from the existing teams, and we’ve had discussions with some, that enable us to make the commitment to proceed,” Reisiger said in an exclusive interview with

“More teams committed for a longer term, is always better. But we have some verbal agreements to partner with some existing and future teams that would enable us to be a sustainable engine partner.”

But the Northampton-based engine builder, who recently sat down with F1’s other engine manufacturers, wants some changes before committing to a return.

“We appreciate being involved in the process,” Reisiger added.

“We think we are well suited to come back into F1 if the engine regulations should change, and the compelling change has to be with the heat energy recovery [from the turbo] – because that is the most expensive and time-consuming element.

“If F1 wants a new engine supplier for 2021 there will have to be some changes on that front. We have been invited to participate in the working committees which we are happy to do, so we are engaged in the process and looking forward to it.”

Pressed as to whether he believed Cosworth had the capability to take on the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari, he replied: “Yes.

“It is important not only for the teams that we would serve, but for our own brand that we should not get involved in it if we cannot be competitive.

“We have a great historic brand, we want to protect our brand as much as we want to help people win races, but we do think we can do it.”