Cosworth, Ilmor intrigued by 2021 proposal


Cosworth and Ilmor have both warmly received the blueprint set out by the FIA and Formula 1 management for the future of the sport.

The 2021 proposal was met with initial concern from existing engine manufacturers such as Mercedes and Renault, while Ferrari have threatened to quit the sport if they do not agree with the rule changes which will eventually be set in stone.

But while the current power unit suppliers are not encouraged by the vision for the future, Cosworth and Ilmor have joined Aston Martin in their support of the proposed regulations.

"The current regulation is beyond any new entrant, technically and for the commercial investment it requires," Cosworth managing director Bruce Wood told BBC Sport.

"The new proposal makes it possible for an independent or existing car company."

Steve Miller, managing director of Ilmor, added: "[The new regulations] open the scope to a much broader range of manufacturers."

But both Cosworth and Ilmor have told BBC Sport that they would still require funding from other backers in order to make their journey back to Formula 1 complete, yet a simplification of the rules with the removal of the MGU-H element is a step in the right direction.