Critical meeting called to discuss overtaking


The FIA have organised a meeting with all teams on Saturday to propose changes to the regulations amid concern over the lack of overtaking.

There were just five on-track overtakes after the first lap of the Australian Grand Prix and while Albert Park is known to have a specific issue with the lack of wheel-to-wheel action, it has still pushed the FIA into action.

There is an April 30 deadline to push through new regulations that a majority of the teams agree on. After that, any further changes will require a unanimous decision which is notoriously difficult to achieve.

The main talking points will be relating to the front and rear wings of the Formula 1 cars.

A team of experts led by Ross Brawn are proposing to simplify the front wing and remove the elements that make it difficult for cars to get close to each other.

The FIA are proposing the introduction of a bigger rear wing flap so cars can further exploit the DRS zones.

Some other regulations for next season have already been put in place which include: an 80kg minimum driver weight, simplified bodywork in the bargeboard area so sponsors are easier to spot and lower exhausts to prevent them from having an aerodynamic effect.