Crossing the white line: Belgium


When it using a loophole, abusing said loophole and why would anyone drink out of someone else's shoe.

To use or abuse, that is the question
Mercedes didn't only make use of the loophole that allows teams to stockpile engines for the drivers, but abused it. Ironically, they followed that up with a call to "close that loophole."

Rules are rules but if there is a smidge of leeway you can count on a Formula 1 team to find it. McLaren did it last year, and Mercedes did it this past weekend in Belgium.

They changed Lewis Hamilton's engine three times, earning him a 55-place grid penalty for the race but giving him an advantage in the long run as he now has three fresh engines for the remainder of this season.

It is a loophole that no one agrees with, even those abusing it.

"The system is far from perfect, and it sounds a bit ridiculous," said Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff. "We should probably close that loophole."

Max attack or max stupidity
Toto Wolff called it maximum attack but Kimi Raikkonen felt it was more in line with maximum stupidity.

Young Max Verstappen was once again criticised for his driving, this time at the Belgium Grand Prix.

While the Turn 1 Lap 1 coming together that caught out Verstappen, Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel was a racing incident – the result of three trying to go into one – his antics later in the race were all his own doing.

It was ballsy driving for some, dangerous for others as Max's battles saw Raikkonen and Sergio Perez both pushed wide.

The Ferrari drivers and Wolff all fear a big accident is coming unless Verstappen's curbs his dangerous driver.

Max feels they can all go jump.

Gutierrez is back (in trouble)
Esteban Gutierrez was back in the hot seat, and once again feels it was unjust.

If he is not ignoring blue flags, he's not looking in his review mirror.

Gutierrez was found guilty of impeding Pascal Wehrlein in final practice as he blocked the Manor driver at the top of Eau Rouge.

Given that Wehrlein had to put wheels onto the grass at speed, a five-place penalty seems rather mild for Gutierrez's actions.

Mark Webber did what!?!
It is one thing to drink out of your own shoe, sometthing I will never understand and makes me grateful that I'm not an Aussie. But it is quite another to drink out of someone else's shoe.

Mark Webber did that as he interviewed Daniel Ricciardo on the Belgian GP podium.

I have just one word for it: Yuck!