Dan Ticktum thwarted by past indiscretion


Dan Ticktum

Red Bull’s plans to run Dan Ticktum during this week’s post-Hungarian GP test were undone by his 2016 racing ban; that’s according to Charlie Whiting.

Red Bull had hoped to run Formula 3 racer Ticktum during the two-day test, however, he lacked the points needed for a superlicence.

And that, Whiting says, stems from his ban.

Competing in MSA Formula in 2015, he overtook several cars during a Safety Car period at a race at Silverstone before deliberately crashing into a rival.

He was handed a two-year ban, suspended for one year.

Needing 14 points to get a superlicence to drive an F1 car, Whiting says he “simply didn’t qualify” to test in Hungary.

The F1 race director added: “The points system was introduced to bring everything not only to a required standard, but you knew exactly where you stood.

“Superlicences were sometimes awarded at the discretion of the permanent bureau of the F1 Commission. There were no absolute rules about it.

“This year we introduced the same system for A licences, which is what Dan Ticktum is missing.

“This was all because of the problem he had in the UK where effectively he got a two-year ban, half of which was suspended.”