De Villota family consider legal action


Despite a ruling that "no enforcement action is being taken", Maria De Villota's family are considering their legal options.

The Marussia test driver was seriously injured when she crashed into a support truck whilst conducting aerodynamic testing at Duxford.

The Spaniard lost her right eye as a result and died 15 months later at the age of 33.

Her death was ruled to be a "consequence of the neurological injuries she suffered" in the testing crash.

On Tuesday, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced that, after a lengthy investigation, "no enforcement action" will be taken.

Her family, though, have not ruled out legal action, saying they will wait until they have read the full report.

A statement from the family read: "To date, we are still waiting to see the contents of the report, and therefore the findings of the investigation, which are crucial to learn from.

"As soon as we have seen the report we will analyse this in order to evaluate the next legal steps to claim the corresponding civil compensation from those responsible, in order to prevent – as Maria herself always wanted – an accident like this occurring again due to negligence."