December finale in 2016?


Formula 1 fans could have an early Christmas present as the final race of 2016 may take place in early December.

Next year the F1 Championship will get off to a late start with the season-opening Australian GP taking place on April 3rd.

With the calendar comprising 21 grands prix that means a hectic schedule and no summer break.

The teams, though, are keen on the break, saying it is vital especially for the teams' travelling personnel.

One solution is a later end to the season with Bernie Ecclestone revealing that  the Malaysian GP could be pushed to the very end of the calendar with the race taking place on either December 4 or 11.

"We're putting Malaysia later on, into December, away from Singapore," the F1 supremo told Autosport.

"The Malaysians were happy, but the Singaporeans weren't, so we decided to look into it.

"At this stage I don't think we'll need to change anything else."