Dennis: Restrictions don’t reduce costs


With F1 set to reduce testing even further, Ron Dennis has called for more "freedom" as McLaren need to "develop" their way out of their current troubles.

This season, back with Honda power, McLaren have struggled for both pace and reliability.

The Woking team has battled to get both cars out of Q1 while points have also been hard to come by.

Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have managed just 17 with only one double points-haul.

It has led to many frustrations for the team not least being the limited testing that teams are permitted.

"I think the frustration I have personally with the regulations is that virtually everything that is designed to reduce costs has increased it," Dennis, McLaren's chairman, told

"That is primarily because the cost of getting durability is endless evaluating on dynos and test cells.

"I like to go testing. I would like to have freedom in wind tunnels. I would like to have freedom in CFD, because when you are uncompetitive you have to develop your way out of it.

"At the moment the regulations are extremely constraining in that area."