Drinks bottle forced Sainz to ‘nearly vomit’


Carlos Sainz has revealed an issue with his drinks bottle almost made him vomit as he battled to the final points finish in Australia.

The bottle was constantly supplying Sainz with fluids, leaving him feeling sick as his heavy stomach was thrown around the track.

Sainz lost out in a fierce battle with compatriot with Fernando Alonso, but did manage to hold off Sergio Perez for P10 in extremely uncomfortable conditions.

“I had the drinks bottle pumping water through my mouth since lap 1 and consciously I was drinking and drinking and drinking. I just got full of water in my stomach and I wasn’t feeling good,” Sainz explained.

“All the water inside was going side-to-side, it was very difficult. At some point under the Safety Car I nearly had to vomit. So it was just about making it to the finish. It was a difficult race in general but it’s unfortunate. We just need to learn from it an move on.”

Nevertheless, Sainz was still happy with his and Renault's display.

“It was a positive start and I’m happy with the performance all of the weekend," he added.

"I think I could have done much more without the problems and with better car handling in the first stint but it’s something to learn from and we get better."