Drivers ‘not very happy’ with qualy changes


F1 drivers are unhappy with the proposed changes to the qualifying system with Sergio Perez saying the format is "very complicated".

FIA race director Charlie Whiting met with several drivers in the wake of Wednesday's running at the Circuit de Catalunya.

He reportedly explained that latest changes to the system that would now see drivers eliminated at set intervals during Q1 and Q2 with eight going through to Q3 which would run as it did last year.

"We are obviously not very happy with the new plans they want to implement," Sergio Perez has told Sky Sports News. "Let's see if they can change it.

"We felt that it could be very complicated for the fans to understand – it's complicated for us already! We also felt that qualifying is really good at the moment and there is no reason to change that."

Meanwhile Kevin Magnussen says while it was a "positive" step that the drivers were consulated by Whiting, he would like a decision on the format sooner rather than later.

The Renault driver told Autosport: "It would be better to know now, it would be easier to prepare.

"We'll see what happens. We give our opinion. It's not up to us to decide."

The World Motor Sport Council will meet this Friday during which time a final decision on the format will be ratified.