Drivers slam proposed aggregate qualy format

Date published: April 4 2016 - Editor

Drivers across the Formula 1 grid have slammed the proposal of implementing an aggregate qualifying system as talks about a qualifying change continue.

Before the Bahrain Grand Prix, team bosses sat down with Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt to discuss a change in the qualifying system, with the F1 bosses wanting to revert to the old system rather than continue using the elimination-based format.

However, some drivers have expressed their opinion on the current format and the proposed one, saying that the aggregate system won’t be better than the already controversial elimination format.

"It's a good idea if you want random things to happen, but Formula 1 should be about racing. It's a s*** idea," Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel told

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo echoed Vettel’s words and added that he doesn’t like the idea of endurance racing.

"Qualifying is about that one perfect lap," the Australian said. "To have an aggregate, it starts to sound more like some form of endurance racing. I wouldn't be too keen on that."

World Champion Lewis Hamilton explained: "They come up with all sorts of ideas.”

“When you come up with ideas most of them will not be good and one of them might be good at some stage, so whether or not that's the one we shall see."

However, Jenson Button took a more open approach about the aggregate qualifying format, but revealed that anything would be better than the system  they are currently on.

"We'll give it a go – that's all we can say really," said the McLaren racer. "It's better than this one – I think everything's better than this one.

"Drivers driving round with one eye open is better than this one. I look forward to change and that's what's hopefully coming."