Dutch Grand Prix could return ‘after 2020’


Bernhard van Oranje, co-owner of the Zandvoort race track, is hopeful the Dutch Grand Prix could return to the track, but not "before 2020".

Liberty Media are looking to bring the Dutch Grand Prix back to the calendar in order to capitalise on the vast army of supporters that follow Max Verstappen.

However, street races in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are struggling to gain any momentum, creating a potential opportunity for an "old-school" track to make a re-appearance.

"I believe Liberty Media is looking for a way to make the sport attractive and I think they know what they need to do,” van Oranje told Autosport.

"In my opinion, an ‘old-school’ race track belongs on the calendar, where if you run off the track you will hit the gravel.

"It’s no surprise that Zandvoort is the most popular track among the DTM drivers, it’s a challenging track and therefore fun to drive and for fans fun to watch. So, I believe the track fits in their [F1 owners'] strategy.

"Don’t expect the event to happen before 2020, but after that it would be a realistic scenario."