Ecclestone: Ferrari deserve to be paid more


After it was revealed by Autosport that Ferrari will receive $192m for their achievements in 2015 compared to Mercedes’ $171m, Bernie Ecclestone has said that he sees no problem with that.

Despite Mercedes pipping Ferrari to the Constructor Championships, Ecclestone said that the Italian team are the most notorious team in the history of the sport so naturally they will receive more.

“As far as we’ve concerned, this year we will pay the teams collectively close on a billion dollars,” the F1 boss told Sky Sports.

“So it really wouldn’t make any difference to us who gets that money. No difference at all.

“If it’s shared equally it’s alright. If it’s shared in a way like Ferrari benefit a bit because they’ve been racing a lot longer than anybody else. And in the end, Ferrari is Formula 1, so they should be [paid more].

“If we were pop people I’d want to have The Rolling Stones because they’re the number one.”

Force India and Sauber led the complaints to the European Union, criticising the F1 prize-giving model for being unfair in the way the money was spread the throughout the grid.

FIA president Jean Todt also added that any change in the governance of F1 will only come at the turn of the decade as teams across the grid agreed a bilateral commercial agreement with Ecclestone binding them to the sport until 2020.

In contrast to Mercedes and Ferrari, last place in 2015, Manor Racing, will only receive $47m.