Ecclestone: Difficult to get more American races


Bernie Ecclestone has quashed talk of more Formula 1 grands prix in America, saying it is “difficult” to get them on board as they want guaranteed profit.

Lat month Liberty Media’s takeover of Formula 1 began with the company, controlled by U.S. cable TV mogul John Malone, purchasing an initial 18.7 percent stake from CVC Partners.

The rest of the takeover is expected to be completed in 2017.

This had led to some speculation that Formula 1 could embrace more American racers but F1 supremo Ecclestone says it is not that simple.

“I think it will be difficult to get more races,” he told Reuters. “I tried in New York.

“The trouble with the Americans is (that) you want to do a deal with them and they want guaranteed profit before they start.

“I said if I knew that was going to happen, I wouldn’t need you.”

As for talks about Formula 1 returning to Las Vegas, the 86-year-old said: “They are professional meeting people, the Americans, aren’t they? They love meetings. Seven in the morning.”

There is also some confusion as to what exactly is going on between the potential Chinese investors for the Las Vegas race and entrepreneur Farid Shidfar, who is behind the grand prix.

“They are still behind him. You want them up front. That’s the problem,” Ecclestone said.

“They came over to see me last week and he called me back, must have been Monday, with another story.”