Ecclestone disapproves of 2021 engine proposal


Ex-Formula 1 owner Bernie Ecclestone has criticised the engine proposal for 2021, stating that "something really different" should be done or "leave alone" the current regulations.

The FIA and Liberty Media announced a joint-vision for the future of Formula 1 and while potential new teams and manufacturers have welcome the initial blueprint, most current teams are not happy with the proposed changes.

Ecclestone has joined those who are sceptical about the future plans and believes his idea which he planned to implement would be a better option.

"The trouble is they've all spent a fortune on these bloody engines," Ecclestone told Autosport.

"And they don't want to go back to their boards and say, 'We need another few quid because we need to modify the engines'.

"I think honestly they should do something really different, or leave it alone.

"All they had to do was what we agreed three years ago, I think, with Jean Todt, which was more fuel flow, and more fuel in the car, and let them rev to another 2000 revs. That's all that was necessary.

Ecclestone also said that there is not too much change from his leadership compared to Liberty Media's tenure so far, other than the racing is better under the new regulations introduced this season.

"They shouldn't have made so many predictions, should they, as to what they could do," he added.

"They should have waited to see what can be done.

"I'm sure what they had in mind and wanted to do was alright. The problem is doing it.

"All we really had to do was have a look at when was F1 really popular. Let's get the rule book out and let's do it that way.

"I haven't seen any difference really.

"The racing's good – it's better now than it was. We've been waiting four years for this, so it's a little bit easier when there's competition. Now Ferrari's woken up, it's good."