Ecclestone: F1 can’t live without Ferrari

Bernie Ecclestone

Ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone feels the sport would not be able to recover from losing Ferrari should they act upon their repeated quit threats.

Ferrari, along with Mercedes and Renault, are not happy with the proposeed vision for the future of Formula 1 from 2021 and beyond, and have claimed that they would leave Formula 1 altogether should they be implemented.

And Ecclestone feels Ferrari will follow through with the threat as the Scuderia's president, Sergio Marchionne, only has eyes for good business opportunities.

"Sergio can live without Formula 1," he said. "He is only interested in the business. If Marchionne doesn't like what he sees, he will stop.

"I'm afraid that Ferrari can live without F1, but not vice versa.

"The Ferrari against Mercedes duel mobilised the fans.

"[In the past] I actually apologised to the promoters," he added.

"They paid for the old Formula 1 and all they got was Mercedes winning. Now, they're getting value for money again."

"Ferrari were smart enough to look at the other teams and bring on board good people."

Ecclestone has been very much marginalised since Liberty Media took over 12 months ago and said that he does not feel welcome at any venue any more.

He said: "I have the feeling that my successors do not want to see me at the track anymore."

"But it is important that the teams market themselves, and that the promoters promote their event.

"If FOM competes as a third party, that's only confusing."