Ecclestone: FIA helped Ferrari in the past


Bernie Ecclestone acknowledges that in the past the FIA, and himself as F1 supremo, went out of their way to help Ferrari win.

The Scuderia’s special relationship, and deals, with Formula 1 have long been a bone of contention amongst teams and fans.

While it is well known that Ferrari receive extra payment just for being Ferrari, fans have often accused F1 bosses of also favouring the team out on track.

And Ecclestone acknowledges that has happened in the past.

“F1 is Ferrari, and Ferrari is F1,” he told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“Helping Ferrari has always been the smartest thing to do. It was always done through the technical regulations.

“The teams are important to F1, but Ferrari is the most.

“That’s why so many things have been done over the years that have helped Ferrari to win.”

The former supremo, though, denied that the practice of helping Ferrari is still ongoing.

Asked if FIA race director Charlie Whiting went out of his way to favour Ferrari, he replied: “No, Charlie has always done what he has to do.

“But Max (Mosley) has often helped Ferrari, and I too wanted them to win.

“There can be a season won by others, but even the other teams have an interest in challenging a competitive Ferrari.

“It’s one thing to win against Sauber and quite another to win against a red car.”