Ecclestone gives update on Halo postponement


After the announcement that the introduction of the Halo cockpit protection device will be postponed until 2018, Bernie Ecclestone expressed his support of the notion and downplayed speculation that it was down to legal issues.

It is speculated that if drivers receive any head injuries while running the Halo on their car in 2017, it could lead to legal issues.

Ecclestone also added that the Halo may not be the concept to be introduced in 2018, with the F1 bosses still to explore more options.

“We’re going to have a look at it,” the F1 supremo told

“We’re not calling it the Halo, we’re just looking at it as frontal protection for drivers.

“We want them to get in the cars with this current format and see if they like it or not. A couple of drivers have done a few laps, but I think they should do a whole race to see if they like being enclosed.

“For 2018 we will come up with something that’s going to give more protection for the drivers.”

On the legal issues, the 85-year-old said that there are certain situations that still need to be considered before they can move on with its’ development, using Niki Lauda as a reference.

“What happens if there’s an accident and the Halo crushes a guy? Who’s going to take that responsibility?,” he asked.

“If there’s an accident and somebody’s trapped in the car, maybe the car caught light, and the guy couldn’t get out? Niki was in the Strategy Group and he pointed it out, because he’s the only one who can talk about those sort of things.”