Ecclestone hits back at ‘stupid idiot’ claims


Ex-Formula 1 owner Bernie Ecclestone has refuted the claim that he made Sepang chief Razlan Razali “look like an idiot” and also revealed he will not be buying the Interlagos circuit.

Razali reacted to Ecclestone’s initial admittance that he overcharged circuits for hosting Formula 1, but the former F1 supremo has said he has no involvement in making anyone look stupid.

“Nobody made him look stupid, and it’s difficult to make people look stupid. If they are, they are,” said Ecclestone.

“They have done a very good job with the motorcycles, he’s fallen in love with the motorbike racing — and that they apparently make money from.

“With Formula One they don’t make money and what I said was, and we talked about a lot of the promoters, we haven’t been delivering what they bought. Not our fault. We don’t make the show.

“But thankfully now, if Ferrari keep up their job and the other people do the same, we’ll have very good racing and then things should be a lot better for the promoters.

“They should be able to sell tickets.”

Ecclestone also said there is “no chance” he will be buying the Interlagos circuit so it can continue to remain on the Formula 1 calendar.

“No chance. Not at all,” he added.

“I’ve been trying to (broker a deal) but it’s not easy for anybody there.”

“I met the mayor (of Sao Paulo) last time I was there, months ago, and I got him to agree that when it goes out to tender for selling the place that they keep the circuit.

“If the circuit is still there, if you bought it for developing then you’d have to keep the racetrack and find someone who was going to run the race or be the promoter.”