Ecclestone: Mercedes, Ferrari could ‘run away’


Bernie Ecclestone says there could come a time when Mercedes and Ferrari "run away" from Formula 1, but says that may not be a terrible thing for the sport.

This season Mercedes has set the pace at the front, dominating grand prix weekends and the championship.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton go into the season-ending Abu Dhabi as the only two title contenders having won all but two grands prix between them.

As such Ecclestone says it may not be a bad thing for Formula 1 should Mercedes, or even the likes of Ferrari, opt to leave the sport.

"It could happen to us that Mercedes and Ferrari run away," the 86-year-old said in an interview with German publication Auto Motor Und Sport.

"But honestly, if the races get better, this may not be such a terrible vision.

"We have to expect the manufacturers to leave us anyway. 

"Mercedes will retire on the day when it suits them and it’s something we had before – look at Honda, BMW and Toyota. They go when Formula 1 has done the job for them.

"There is no gratitude."

However, it is not just the manufacturers who could decide that they no longer want to play a part in the F1 circus.

"It is the same with the organisers," Ecclestone added. "Look at what we have done for Singapore. Yes, the grand prix has cost Singapore a lot of money, but we’ve also given them a lot of money.

"Singapore was suddenly more than just an airport to fly to or from somewhere. Now they believe they have reached their goal and they do not want a grand prix anymore."