Ecclestone opposes cockpit protection


After Red Bull debuted their aeroscreen during FP1 of the Russian Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he is not the biggest fan of cockpit protection.

The F1 chief explained that teams will have one more thing to worry about and added that he doesn't how it would actually protect them if the car is moving at such tremendous speeds.

"We're going to get a lot of pitstops now when they have to stop to clean the screen and things," he told

"I just think to try to simulate something when you've got a stationary object, and you're firing a tyre at it, when in the race when the wheel has come off normally both cars would be moving.

"So how can you simulate it by having a car stationary? And how would you ever know what's going to happen with a wheel anyway?

"If it hits the thing it would probably bounce off anyway. So I don't know."

When questioned about he thought about World Champion Lewis Hamilton claiming that danger is part of the appeal to spectators, Ecclestone said:"In his case I don't know whether the money made any difference as well.

"We can make it more dangerous if he wants."

He said that he doesn't like the proposed 'halo' concept or the aeroscreen.