Ecclestone wanted one more year


Relegated from F1 CEO to chairman emeritus, Bernie Ecclestone admits he would have liked another year as Formula 1’s boss to show Liberty just what he can do.

Earlier this year Ecclestone lost his job as Formula 1’s CEO when Liberty Media purchased the sport.

The Brit, who had been in charge for 40 years, was replaced by Liberty’s Chase Carey and relegated to chairman emeritus.

Asked if he felt let down by F1’s new owners, he told Sky Sports News HQ: “Not at all. I know the way the world operates.”

However, Ecclestone concedes he would have liked another year in charge.

“I would have asked them to work with me for a bit, wait for a year and afterwards say ‘has it worked, not worked?’ ‘Not worked? Sorry, you’ll have to leave,’ or whatever,” he said.

“But different people operate companies differently, obviously. I think this is very much the way American companies operate. Let’s be absolutely sensible about it: they bought the car, they wanted to drive it.”

Ecclestone will stay on as chairman emeritus but admits he has no idea what that entails.

“I don’t know what it is,” he added. “No idea. I’d like some rules and regulations perhaps so I know what I’m supposed to do, or not supposed to do.”

Asked whether he will be seen at grands prix in 2017, he replied: “I’ve been asked and invited to go to most of them, so I’ll have to try and sort it out. Probably at least half of them.”