Ecclestone wants walls and danger


Bernie Ecclestone is once again courting controversy as he has urged Formula 1 to take steps to make the sport more dangerous by surrounding the tracks with walls.

Although Formula 1 is always looking for ways to improve safety, resulting in bigger and bigger run-off areas, the F1 supremo it should actually go in the opposite direction.

“In those (the old) days, and it can’t happen again, people would come to a race and think somebody could get killed,” he told Reuters.

“Today they know they come to a race and nobody is going to get killed. Which is good.

“I’ve been criticised probably by everybody because I wanted to build 40cm walls around the corners.

“They keep saying they mustn’t go off the road, I promise they won’t.”

His suggestions, though, didn’t stop there.

The 86-year-old supremo also feels Formula 1 should have surrounded Fernando Alonso with a curtain and whisked him away when he suffered massive accident in Australia, keeping fans in suspense as to his health.

He explained: “What Fernando had in Australia … you wouldn’t think he was going to walk away.

“What we ought to do immediately that happens is have big sheets all the way around, bring the ambulance in … and take him away.

“He’s gone to the hospital and later on you announce that, thank God, he’s out.

“A bit of showbiz. People like that.”