Eddie Jordan’s Top 20 Quotes


Andrew Davies calls him ‘the Bard of Bray’ and it’s true, BBC pundit Eddie Jordan can paint word pictures that no-one else can. We’ve collected, courtesy of Andrew’s quote wrangler OffonF1.com, the bard’s best 20 quotes of the season so far.

Spanish Grand Prix
Eddie Jordan: “We know that the race and the points are all in the race.”
Monaco Grand Prix
Talking about Kimi Raikkonen’s overtaking move, Eddie Jordan: “You can see he’s getting very bravado.”
Canadian Grand Prix
Eddie Jordan: “I think Canada is a huge welcome.”
Eddie Jordan: “Sometimes cars, teams, tracks…they tend to gel together.”
Talking about Marussia’s last race, Eddie Jordan: “The triumphant that the team felt in Monaco was a triumph.”
Talking about the role of the engine noise and how it’s really not trying hard enough at races this year, Eddie Jordan: “I think there’s a happy medium. We need the noise to up its game.”
British Grand Prix
Eddie Jordan: “The special thing about Silverstone is that the circuit is so close to the track.”
Eddie Jordan:: “Anyone at Copse Corner is to be feared from Day One.”
Belgian Grand Prix
Eddie Jordan: “We are in the Ardennes forest. Anything can happen. We’ve known this for all this time.”
Italian Grand Prix
Eddie Jordan: “The tracks coming up are much more in favour of Red Bull.”
Talking about Williams’ return to form this season, Eddie Jordan: “They put their imprimatur on the table and they have made a very strong statement.”
Talking about the trouble and strife at Mercedes, Eddie Jordan: “I think this feud has dampened itself down the scale much more that people have made it out to be…”
Eddie Jordan: “Sebastian Vettel has got to look over his shoulder and take a look at himself in the mirror, because today he’s been blown off by a younger guy.”
Eddie Jordan: “The clock never lies. The time on the timesheet is the time they’re able to do.”
Singapore Grand Prix
Tub-thumping for the small independent teams who are under threat from his mate Bernie, Eddie Jordan: “No, I think it’s the fault of the manufacturers. They’re the ones who have left In Formula 1 days.”
Eddie Jordan: “Nico Rosberg plays it sensible. That adds to the juice of the excitement.”
Japanese Grand Prix
Talking about Nico Rosberg on Saturday, Eddie Jordan: “I think he’s very strong up here in the psychological department.”
Russian Grand Prix
Talking about Alex Lynn’s chances of making it into the Toro Rosso team to replace Daniil Kvyat and forgetting the word ‘junior’, Eddie Jordan: “He’s vying for that place with Carlos Sainz’s son…another Carlos Sainz.”
Talking to Eric Boullier about McLaren’s recent upswing in form. Eddie Jordan: “Four races ago you weren’t competitive. What has you done to your car…?”
Talking to Christian Horner, after Daniil Kvyat qualified 5th on the grid, Eddie Jordan: “You must have had a smile on your face, chuckling away inside yourself there.”