Engine equality for Merc customers in Oz

Date published: February 21 2016 - Editor

Mercedes and their customer teams will all run the same spec engine at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

Last year there was a lot of talk when it emerged that only Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were able to run Mercedes' latest upgrade in the latter part of the championship.

Williams, Lotus and Force India were reportedly denied the upgrade due to a lack of resources over at Mercedes.

However the company has managed to catch up and as such Mercedes, Williams, Force India and new customer Manor will all run the same spec engine when the season begins in Melbourne.

Mercedes engine managing director Andy Cowell said: "The upgrade that we introduced in Monza last year took a huge amount of effort from the factory at Brixworth, and we only had enough resource to supply the works team with the latest spec at that time.

"However, that is now paying off for every team with Mercedes power as we've managed to build on that development work through the autumn and winter period.

"Now, all our customers are getting an improved package that is exactly the same specification as the works team.

"All eight Mercedes powered cars will have exactly the same hardware and performance potential come Melbourne, which is a good step for everyone."