Ericsson: Bruised, aching but nothing broken


Marcus Ericsson says he felt “good” in the car during his brief stint in the British GP, although he is “a bit bruised, aching.”

Ericsson crashed at speed during Saturday’s final practice, hitting the inside barrier after running a bit wide at the exit of Stowe.

He was taken a local hospital for routine checks and was released later that same day.

Given the go-ahead to race by the FIA’s doctors and the stewards, Ericsson’s British GP came to an early end when his C35 suffered an electrical issue.

“I’m a bit bruised, aching, and I’ve some sore parts on my body,” he told Autosport.

“The most important thing is yesterday [Saturdays] we did all the scans, which is why we went hospital to get everything checked.

“There was nothing broken, nothing wrong with me, which was the main thing, but of course I felt a bit sore, aching, and I’m a bit bruised, but there was no problem to drive. I felt good in the car.”

The Swedish racer hailed Formula 1’s ever-improving safety, both regarding the cars and the tracks.

“To be honest it’s quite impressive to see the safety in these cars and on the tracks because with a shunt like that, an impact like that, it’s quite incredible to be able to walk away.

“Where the accident took place was quite a bad place because out of Stowe the exit is pointing towards the barrier on the inside, so when I touched the astroturf a bit, it was a bit damp, it snapped the car.

“I had one tenth of a second to think. I realised it was going to hurt, and it was a massive impact. You don’t get much time to think, but I was lucky I was not more injured.

“OK, I feel sore, but nothing was broken, which is a good sign for Formula 1 that we have such good safety standards.”