Ericsson hit with Canadian grid penalty


Marcus Ericsson has been slapped with a three-place grid drop for the Canadian GP for crashing into his team-mate in Monaco.

Battling for position around the Monte Carlo streets, Felipe Nasr was ordered by Sauber to move over for his team-mate.

The Brazilian decided not to.

This prompted Ericsson to make a lunging move, down the inside at Rascasse, one that cost the Sauber drivers as both cars were left in need of repairs.

Nasr retired a lap later, saying there was “smoke” in his cockpit, while Ericsson parked his C35 shortly after.

The Monaco stewards deemed the Swede to be responsible and hit him with a three-place grid penalty for the next race in Canada.

He also gained two penalty points, bringing his tally up to six for the 12 month rolling period.