External backers a ‘priority’ for Haas


Guenther Steiner concedes that finding sponsorship is a “priority” for Haas, but insists the team won’t sell themselves on the cheap.

Last season Ferrari, who power both Haas and Sauber, announced a new big deal with the latter.

Under the new arrangement, Sauber has been rebranded as Alfa Romeo Sauber, which has brought engines, technical know-how and Charles Leclerc to the team.

Asked whether Ferrari have approached Haas with that same deal prior to confirming Sauber, Steiner told Motorsport.com: “No, not with us, nothing.”

He is, however, open to holding talks about a similar deal if one is put on the table.

“Why not? We are open always to talks,” said the team boss.

“If somebody’s got some ideas, yeah, for sure we are interested in it.

“But is it our priority? Maybe not.”

Instead he says finding outside sponsorship is what the team is really looking for given that Gene Haas’ Haas Automation has been the team’s principle backer.

“I think that’s a priority, it’s just difficult to get sponsors.

“You see it on the other teams, the big teams, even they struggle.

“And for us as a small team, it’s even more difficult.

“And then what we need to avoid is to give ourselves away too cheap, because then you never recover.

“If you sell yourself cheap, you never get value for it anymore.”