F1 duo dismiss Formula E claims


Christian Horner and Jenson Button have dismissed suggestions that Formula E could overtake Formula 1.

The inaugural all-electric series came to an exciting conclusion at Battersea Park in London over the weekend with Nelson Piquet Jr clinching the title, prompting Sir Richard Branson to say it will surpass F1.

"I think four or five years from now you’ll find Formula E overtaking Formula One in terms of number of people p there’s still going to be room for Formula One, but I would say there will come a time when Formula E will overtake it," Branson said.

However, Red Bull team principal

"Formula E has done well to get where they are, but you can't compare it in the same sentence to F1," Horner is quoted as saying by BBC Sport.

"It's positioned totally differently to Formula 1. The cars look slow."

He added: "I watched the Formula E race on Sunday and it looks more of a competitor to GP3 than Formula 1.

"The fact that you've got to change car halfway through the race – I'm not sure it's delivering a great message about sustainable energy if you're saying you can't get to the end of a grand prix or the end of a race without having to change cars."

Button is also not confident that Formula 1 will remain the biggest and the best.

"I disagree with him completely," he told The Guardian. "Formula E is a good addition to motorsport because that will be the electric series and the rest of us can get on with motor racing.

"I think it is good that it is in cities and it attracts people who are not motorsport fans because it is easy to walk down to Battersea Park and see a car go round. It doesn’t disturb anyone either because it is not very loud.

"I’ve watched a couple of races. The cars [and] the sound don’t do anything for me, but the drivers do. The drivers are making that series."