F1 nearing ‘the end’ regarding engine rules


Formula 1 could have a definitive set of engine regulations for the 2021 season come the end of this week.

Formula 1 has been debating the new rules that will come into effect in 2021 along with a new Concorde Agreement.

And while the talks, negotiations and arguments have been long and at times heated, Charlie Whiting says the FIA will release the new rules later this week.

“It’s very complicated,” said F1 race director.

“There’s meeting after meeting after meeting going on these things, and the reports I get on this appear to be very detailed, so they are going into fine detail.

“So I’m fairly confident that it’s getting to the end of that process, and at the end of that process, we’ll have a far more detailed idea of what the power units will be in 2021.”

Whiting refuted suggestions that the FIA’s end of June deadline was set in order to allow the teams more opportunities to discuss the rules at the upcoming World Motor Sport Council meeting.

“Not necessarily. It was just a date that we felt that was necessary to get it done by,” he said.

“It might get talked about, but it’s not connected with the Strategy Group.

“The manufacturers are involved in it, that’s why it’s taking quite a long time because they are to-ing and fro-ing on everything.”