F1 risks becoming a ‘Mickey Mouse series’


Michael Schumacher's former manager, Willi Weber, has warned Liberty not to turn Formula 1 into a "Mickey Mouse series" after recent changes.

Although Liberty had no control over the introduction of the Halo, which was an FIA directive, the owners have come in for criticism after opting to remove grid girls from the races.

And Weber has criticised both governing bodies for the direction in which they are taking the sport.

"This ugly roll bar (Halo) ruins the cars," Weber said. "Safety is important, but that was a mistake by Jean Todt.

"That there are no more grid girls is also a sin. They provided the necessary glamour.

"The new owners have to be careful not to turn Formula One into a Mickey Mouse series."

Weber also revealed that he had heard no update with regards to Schumacher's health, but hopes further news may not be too far away with the opening of a Schumacher car collection in Cologne in April.

"Unfortunately I have not heard from Corinna [Michael's wife]," he added.

"Michael's accident is four years ago now and we all know it was not a broken leg."

"Maybe then [in April] we will learn if he is feeling better."