F1 takes steps to avoid Shanghai delay


Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, has taken steps to ensure that Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix will go ahead as planned no matter the weather.

Friday’s action at the Shanghai International Circuit consisted of just 20 minutes of running as poor weather conditions meant the medical helicopter was not able to land at the designated hospital.

Under Formula 1 regulations, the cars may not run if the helicopter is unable to fly.

And with the designated hospital some 38km away from the track, an ambulance was also unable to get from the track to the hospital in the allotted time deemed to be safe.

The FIA, though, has now taken steps to ensure that should the helicopter by unable to operate on Sunday, a police escort will be on hand.

Appendix H of the FIA’s International Sporting Code reads: “An evacuation under intensive care by medically equipped ambulance (equipment and presence of a doctor proficient in resuscitation on board) with an escort may be carried out, provided that the receiving hospital has been approved beforehand for the treatment presumed necessary according to the casualty’s condition and that it can be reached in approximately 20 minutes (except for serious burns), regardless of the weather and road traffic conditions (except in a case of force majeure).”

Added to that, Motorsport.com reports that an alternate hospital, located just 5km from the track, is set to receive the equipment needed in the case of a neurological emergency prior to Sunday’s race.