F1’s EU investigation at ‘the next level’


Force India and Sauber’s complaint to the EU Commission has “has gone to the next level”, that’s according to Bob Fernley.

Last year the two midfield teams lodged a complaint with the EU over what they believed to be a breach of competition regulations.

The breach relates to the distribution of revenue as well as Formula 1’s rules, which they feel are “unfair and unlawful.”

Force India deputy team principal Fernley has revealed that the complaint is moving forward but refused to be drawn on whether a further complaint will be made in the United States.

“Yes, we have put the complaint, that’s common knowledge,” he said in Friday’s press conference.

“It has gone through due process and I can confirm it has gone to next level in terms of a request for further information from the EU.

“Who those have been sent to, I don’t know.

“From our point of view, because we’re in legal process with them, we can’t say anything about what we’re doing – but I can confirm it is at that stage from an EU point of view.

“With regard to your question on the US legal matters, I think, you know, it’s not appropriate for us to discuss something where we’re getting legal advice.

“It’s probably a bit speculative – but for sure everything is still on the table from our side.

“We are very, very committed to challenging what we believe is a very anti-competitive system with these bi-lateral agreements.

“Whatever it takes to deliver that, we will certainly look at.”