F1’s most marketable driver is…

Date published: March 11 2015 - Editor

Fernando Alonso remains Formula 1's most marketable driver, according to a survey.

The double World Champion, who will miss the Australian GP after suffering concussion during an accident in Barcelona, beat off the likes of reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton and four-time Champ Sebastian Vettel to keep top spot.

German sports marketing company Repucom's latest poll found that Alonso's marketability has increased based on domestic perception.

"In Spain, over 98 percent of people know of Alonso, 88 percent of which say they see him as an effective brand endorser and 83 percent saying they trust the two-time World Champion," the report said.

The 33-year-old has an overall DBI index of 89.66 and he is followed by Williams driver Felipe Massa, who was his team-mate at Ferrari, on 88.84 and Vettel with 85.49.

Although Mercedes driver and current Champion Hamilton's recognition score in Britain has grown to 93 percent his DBI score of 83.68 puts him fourth while Jenson Button is fifth.

"Consumer brands will gravitate naturally to where the leading drivers are and with the dominance of Alonso’s profile off the track, a strong first season at McLaren could well see him pull even further from the pack," Nigel Geach, Senior Vice President of Motorsport, Repucom, said.

"However, this season, the one to watch is Lewis Hamilton. With a host of personal endorsements to his name already and being a part of a team everyone was chasing last year, Hamilton has an opportunity to grow his reputation internationally as potentially one of F1’s finest. He has a high profile domestically brands will be watching the performance of this driver in 2015 very closely."

Hamilton's Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull missed out on the top five, but rookie Max Verstappen, who will become the sport's youngest-ever driver this weekend, joins at number nine with a DBI score of 64.84.

Read the full report on Repucom.net.