F1’s Strategy Group to help out Honda?


Formula 1's Strategy Group are poised to discuss whether they should intervene and help Honda overcome their engine problems.

McLaren have only been able to get one car across the finish line in one race so far this season, with the Bahrain Grand Prix representing another step back with a DNS and a DNF finish.

12 months ago, as part of the agreement to keep the current turbo hybrid engines in place until 2020, the FIA agreed that they would monitor the performance of all the power units and would ask the Stategy Group to step in if there was more than 0.3s performance gap on a simulation run around the Barcelona circuit.

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier has said he has been left with no choice but to bring up the issue himself, but he is not looking for the team to be suddenly able to beat those at the front of the grid.

"It is something that we have to raise," said Boullier.

"We are in a position today where I am not sure everyone wants us to get more performance from the power unit, but I think it will be fairer for F1 to have a level playing field.

"I am not saying helping someone to beat the best power unit, but to be within this 0.3 seconds ballpark of performance.

"I think it will fairer and good for F1. It will be more attractive for other car and engine manufacturers to join F1, and for the fans it will be much better as you will have closer racing on track.

"So it would tick all the boxes: except we are in a competitive world and I know a lot of people do not want us to deliver on that part."