Fantasy Racing: Right Driver


From Lewis Hamilton to Felipe Nasr, each of your four Fantasy Racing drivers can bring in the points – some, though, you know will bring in more than others and that's going to cost you.

PlanetF1's new Fantasy Racing game gets a step further than other fantasy league games as it offers points for qualifying, something many a Formula 1 fan wishes the Championship actually did.

Ranging from five points for progressing to Q2 to a maximum of 45 points (the driver would need to set the fastest lap time in all three qualifying segments), never has a Saturday afternoon been so important.

And never has finishing a grand prix counted for so much.

with drivers awarded a point for each lap of the race they complete, you want a driver who is known to be reliable while five points for each position gained, you also want one who knows how to race.

Even better is one who knows how to win as that's an extra 25 points in the bag.

So it's no wonder Hamilton comes with a hefty price tag of €30 million, almost a third of your €100 million budget. But if you take into account his 11 grand prix wins in 2014 and his seven pole positions, that is money well spent.

The same can be said of his team-mate Nico Rosberg, who comes in at €28 million. Five race wins and 11 pole positions mean he too is worth his weight in gold.

Coming in at €26 million, 2014's only non-Mercedes race winner Daniel Ricciardo is also a great buy but you cannot set our team out with only top drivers as, unlike in the real world, this F1 has a budget cap.

So who is looking good down further down the order.

If you are wanting Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel may have a price tag of €25m but his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen is worth a shot at €16 while Force India drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez are also good for a punt. However with Force India late to debut their 2015 car, they are a complete unknown.

So too is Lotus. Romain Grosjean is a great driver but can his team – now armed with a Mercedes engine – get it together? Sauber looked strong in testing but will that translate come Australia while much is expected of Max Verstappen who is just a mere €7m.

Some times putting a Hamilton alongside a Nasr could be the wisest choice.

And remember: to co-incide with the launch of PlanetF1 Fantasy Racing, Memento Exclusives has once again come to the table and fans who sign up for the game before the season-opening Australian GP will go into the draw for a black Sahara Force India Wheel Rim Table signed by Nico Hulkenberg.