Ferrari boss defends engine veto


Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene has defended the Scuderia's right to use their historic veto power to scupper plans for a budget engine.

With Formula 1 teams struggling with rising costs, which many blame on the new V6 engines, the FIA had proposed introducing a cheaper engine.

However, when it was suggested at the last Strategy Group meeting that Ferrari and the other engine suppliers set a maximum price for the engine and gearbox, the Scuderia said no.

They reportedly used their historic veto right to block the proposal.

"Concerning the veto it is quite easy. We exercised our veto in compliance with our legitimate commercial right to do business as a powertrain manufacturer. There’s nothing to add," Arrivabene said.

Pushed on the subject he added: "Why do we have to justify it more? Here we are talking about commercial right. We are not talking about budget, we are not talking about anything else.

"If somebody, they are asking you, they give you a specification to produce apple, OK you produce apple in line with the specification.

"That somebody, they’re asking you, OK, we want to impose you the price of the apple’, what are you going to do? This is the principle. It has nothing to do with the rest."