Ferrari chief hits back at ‘obscene’ cost-cap idea


Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has defended the Italian marque's decision to veto the FIA's latest cost-cap initiative, saying it was "an obscene concept".

Motorsport's governing body announced at the end of October that it will push to introduce standard engines from 2017 after Ferrari vetoed a cost cap on engines and gearboxes.

The statement added: "In the interest of the Championship, the FIA has decided not to legally challenge Ferrari."

Marchionne has now hit back at FIA president Jean Todt and commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone.

"Ferrari's position is crystal clear, while Jean Todt’s concept is absolutely obscene," he is quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Todt tells us: 'You will gain by supplying client teams' and then complained about Ferrari’s veto on the "political" retail price fixed on the engines.

"Thinking that the FIA and FOM can go to the engine manufacturers and impose the obligation to take on the financial commitment and burden to fund other teams, this I consider to be an obscene concept and outside any economic and industrial logic."