Ferrari cleared of using coded pitboard message

Date published: April 8 2016 - Editor

Ferrari have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the FIA with regards to a pitboard message used during the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

The FIA have clamped down on team-to-driver communications, with motorsport’s governing body stiffly enforcing article 27.1 of the sporting regulations, which states “the driver shall drive the car alone and unaided”. This applies not just to radio communication, but also to messages displayed from the pitwall.

Ferrari were reported to the race stewards after displaying a pitwall message to Sebastian Vettel which read: “-3.2 LFS6 P1”. The message was displayed after the red flag that was raised following Fernando Alonso’s heavy accident.

Following an investigation into the matter, the FIA said that no action would be taken against the Scuderia as they had received an “entirely satisfactory” explanation from Ferrari, who said that the message was related to the way in which the Standard Electronic Control Unit [SECU] software dealt with the stoppage.

Under normal racing conditions the message would have contravened the regulations, but the FIA have ruled that under the circumstances Ferrari would not be sanctioned.