Ferrari could consider leaving F1


Ferrari would consider walking away from Formula 1 if the powers that be continue to restrict engine technology.

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne hit out at F1 supremo’s Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt's plans for an independent power unit.

"If we make Formula 1 like NASCAR, we would lose the advantage of experience in track solutions, which can then have an impact on production," Marchionne told

"I understand very well the difficulties that smaller teams face, but this is something that FOM has to solve; it is not something Ferrari has to solve."

In terms of the FIA's decision to hand over the task to Ecclestone and Todt, Marchionne  indicated that Renault and Mercedes were also against the move.

"It's a choice that we obviously do not share, because we believe that the development of the regulations should be done in a coordinated manner," continued the Ferrari boss.

"This view is also shared by the Mercedes and Renault. Here we spend hundreds of millions of Euros, so we are talking about decisions that should not be taken lightly.

"The problem is that in trying to create a power unit that is more affordable for smaller teams, we are in a way taking away from those organisations that are able to develop. And that is the reason why we go racing.

"We go to the track to prove to ourselves and to everyone our ability to manage the power unit. If we begin to undermine this advantage, Ferrari has no intention of racing."

Marchionne added that this has left the maranello-based team no choice but to attempt to block FIA's plan to cap engine prices.

"The problem of this sport is that the regulator cannot impose conditions on the economic management of the team," he added.

"When we are told that we must make the engine and then sell it for two pounds, from the economic point of view, this argument does not stand – because it is going to change the dynamic business that we are managing.

"The economic conditions by which the Ferrari engine is provided to a customer cannot be established by the F1 Commission."