Ferrari ‘must win right away’


Sergio Marchionne says Ferrari are "not far from reaching the level" of Mercedes as they gear up for a potential title fight in 2016.

Last season the Scuderia took steps back towards the front as they slotted into the runner-up role behind Mercedes.

Sebastian Vettel was the only driver other than the Mercedes pairing to win a race, three in fact, while Ferrari were on the podium in all but four races.

This year they are looking to once again close the gap on the defending Champions with CEO Marchionne confident Ferrari's investments will pay off.

"The year of our return to the top has begun," he told ANSA.

"The team is there… and we're not far from reaching the level of our competitors.

"The investments won't be lacking. We have invested a lot of financial resources – the work done in 2015 has laid an exceptional basis for a season of success in 2016.

"We must win right away….we must get back in the saddle immediately and reset to zero the difficulties of the past."