Ferrari reveal ‘deadline for the end of May’


Liberty Media have set a deadline of the “end of May” for finalising the 2021 engine rules; that’s according to Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene.

The Ferrari boss faced the media in Friday’s FIA press conference in China and tried to avoid answering any questions regarding Liberty’s five-point plan for 2021.

“I have to point out it’s not difficult to make a comment, it’s simply not my job,” he said.

“It’s the responsibility of the chairman.”

He did, however, reveal that Formula 1’s owners had set an “end of May” deadline for finalising the 2021 engine regulations.

“Liberty, if I’m not wrong, they gave us a deadline for the end of May, I think,” he said.

“I hope that this deadline is going to be respected.

“It’s a bit early somehow, and it’s far, if you are looking at the situation from another point of view, a technical point of view, concerning the engines.

“We, Mercedes, Renault and Honda sent a letter one month ago explaining in detail our position. Now it’s quite clear.”

As part of Liberty’s plan they want cheaper engines, a budget cap, make cars “more raceable”, streamline the governance of F1 and to bring in more equal payments to the teams.

Arrivabene added: “We are reading the overall document, we are discussing. We will see in the future if it’s achievable or not.

“All the elements they are important, because they are linked together somehow.

“So I hope soon we find an agreement – if any – related to the various topics that are in the proposal.”