Ferrari: Sauber deal different to Haas’ one

Date published: December 6 2017 - Editor

Sergio Marchionne says Ferrari’s relationship with Sauber is “totally different” to that with Haas, which is just technical support.

Although both teams are Ferrari customers, and will run their 2018 power unit next season, Ferrari’s relationship with Sauber goes deeper given their new link up with Alfa Romeo.

Last week Sauber announced Alfa Romeo, part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, as their new title sponsor while also signing Ferrari protege Charles Leclerc as Marcus Ericsson’s new team-mate.

“It’s a totally different arrangement,” Ferrari president Marchionne said of the Scuderia’s relationship with its two engine customers.

“Haas has been given access to Ferrari resources and to our powertrain, so there Ferrari is acting as technical support.

“The team is still very much Haas, it has no association with any car brand, and Gene [Haas] has decided to run his own products.

“This one [Sauber/Alfa Romeo] is a completely different arrangement, starting with identification of Alfa as being title sponsor for the car.

“[The] team already exists – it may not be fully staffed – but it already exists.

“The arrangement itself is completely different.”

He added: “Is it possible for the Haas arrangement to turn into something other than what we have today? The answer is potentially yes.

“But we’re very far away from a resolution on that matter, but it’s possible. We’ll see, time will tell.”