Ferrari thwart Red Bull’s engine protest


Red Bull have reportedly made another effort to prevent the three-engine limit for the 2018 season from being implemented, but Ferrari have failed to give their support to the plan.

According to Autosport sources, Red Bull boss Christian Horner – a strong opponent of the decision to implement penalties after three power unit elements are used (one fewer than this season) – brought up the issue once again at the latest Strategy Group meeting before the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Horner was hoping to get the support of everyone in order for the protest to gather momentum, but stopping that from happening was Ferrari as they have already spent a lot of time researching and developing their 2018 engines with the new rules in mind.

Grid penalties for taking on new engine part has already been heavily criticised with a four-engine season limit and there are genuine concerns that a reduction in the pool of power unit parts will lead to cars not going out on track in order to save on mileage.

Horner was hoping at this late stage of the season that every team would be opposed to the new regulation after experiencing the issue for themselves, but that has not proven to be the case.

"I tried to get it changed at an earlier meeting in the year, but there was no support for it,” Horner said back at the Italian Grand Prix..

“I would hope that there would now be a different outcome, with teams staring down the barrel of further penalties between now and the end of the year."