Ferrari want Volkswagen in Formula 1


Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne revealed that he would like more constructors in Formula 1, starting with Volkswagen.

Following Red Bull's engine debacle, there were rumors that the German car company could join as an engine supplier. 

However, the company soon had bigger fish to fry with their road cars due to the emissions test scandal.

Nonetheless, Marchionne is hoping Volkswagen will have a spot on the starting grid in the future. 

"In spite of the problems Volkswagen is having, I have always encouraged the past managing director of Volkswagen to join F1," Marchionne told Autosport.

"That such a large company was not in F1 was always very strange to me.

"I also encouraged General Motors, I always try to encourage all of them to join.

"That would be good for the sport, for them and for us. We need more manufacturers in Formula 1."