‘Ferrari’s thoroughbred is difficult to tame’


Maurizio Arrivabene won’t settle for three wins in this year’s remaining races, adamant Ferrari have the potential to do better.

On the back of a win-less 2014, Ferrari were delighted last season when Sebastian Vettel claimed three grand prix wins.

This year, though, neither the German nor his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen has managed even one victory with Mercedes dominating the show.

It has raised questions as to whether Ferrari should adjust their objectives for this season.

Asked if he would take a guaranteed three wins in the remaining races, Arrivabene told Motorsport.com: “No, absolutely not.

“I know the potential that we have, and of course I know the great job that is being done by Mercedes.

“At some tracks that gap has begun to get smaller, but we have to raise the bar with our ambitions and begin to look over it.

“If I answered your question with a yes, I would not represent the spirit that is in Ferrari and the DNA of its people.”

The team boss revealed that Ferrari are battling with a “very sensitive” car in their SF16-H, which he insists is a “big” step in the right direction.

He added: “Our 2016 car is a big step forward, the daughter of a completely new design.

“But it is also a very sensitive car, and difficult to set up, which has yet to give so much.

“I am sure that with the work we are doing we will demonstrate its full potential.

“It’s a thoroughbred: difficult to tame, which is yet to reach out. But with some small things it can be there 100 percent.”

Eight races into the season, Ferrari trail Mercedes by 177 points to the Brackley squad’s 258.

However, Arrivabene says there is no chance of Ferrari switching focus to 2017 this early in the campaign.

“After eight races I think it is wrong to think of the next year, leaving aside the present,” he concluded. “We are approaching the Mercedes, and we must not miss the chance offered in this World Championship.”