Ferrari’s troubles are ‘completely unacceptable’


Pat Symonds says Ferrari’s reliability woes are “completely unacceptable” especially if Kimi Raikkonen’s Malaysian troubles were a repeat of Sebastian Vettel’s.

Vettel did not contest qualifying in Malaysia due to a broken manifold.

The team replaced his engine ahead of the grand prix only for Raikkonen to suffer the same problem on the grid, putting him out of the race.

“When Vettel had the problem with the inlet manifold in qualifying in Malaysia you have to look at the other car and you have to say: ‘We’ve got to see if we’ve got that problem on the other car’,” Symonds told F1fanatic.

“I might be wrong but it didn’t appear that happened and I do think Kimi’s problem was the same thing. If so, that’s completely unacceptable.

“I can imagine it to be true because I can imagine someone saying: ‘Oh, it can’t happen again, let’s not shout and scream.’ But what they should have said is: ‘I don’t care whose fault it is, let’s check and make sure everything is alright.'”

That, though, hasn’t been Ferrari’s only problem of late with Vettel out of the Japanese GP because of a broken spark plug.

Symonds, Williams’ former technical chief, believes Ferrari’s issues could be the result of trying to push for too much performance, which can have a negative impact on reliability.

“It can be true and we have seen it. We saw it with Mercedes and their gearbox problems, where they admitted that they were trying to speed up the gearshift a little more and they ran into problems.

“With the problems that Ferrari have had with the inlet tract and the spark plug, it is possible too. It’s not that they are necessarily correlated but it might be that you are just pushing the boost a little bit high, pushing the cylinder pressure a little bit too high, running the higher modes a little bit longer and that might bring unreliability in.

“If you are trying to work at the edge of the envelope all the time reliability is harder and harder to achieve. But the most important thing is to achieve it.”